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About Sucking Vagina Faults

Check Power

1. Start after charging for one hour, the light is on or flashing, indicating that the power supply is normal

2. Start up after normal charging, but the controller has no lights and no sound. Please contact us

Check the controller

1. If the switch button is activated and the light is not on or flashing, it is possible that the controller is damaged and needs to be replaced.

2. Start the switch button, the light is on or flashing, and observe the controller switch near the waist to see if there is any sound from the controller engine. If there is a sound, it indicates normal operation and the controller is not malfunctioning.

Check the connecting air pipe

Turn off the controller switch, take out the controller, and check whether the trachea in the body is firmly connected. After manual reconnection, implantation, a switch and charging port are left behind. Activate the switch and watch the sucking action inside the vagina.

There are three main aspects of faults: power supply, controller, and air pipeline connection

Unable to determine the problem, please contact us directly. We can help you check the problem or replace the device.